NEW September 2019 Fast Mode: If you’re trying to meet the Oct. 11 deadline and need a review/signature, please email your forms as a PDF to Prof. Harrison with any questions you might have. You may also schedule meetings, but this “online” option may save time around this deadline.

Lane Harrison is serving as the DS Minor Advisor for the 19-20 school year.

If you’re interested in a DS Minor, or in the process of completing one, please make sure to closely review the material and steps below.

1. Review the Requirements

Review the DS Minor Description. This webpage contains information about the minor requirements and the courses that can be used to fulfill these requirements.

2. Draft your Plan

Take a look at the DS Minor Completion form. Fill out a copy of this form to start planning what courses you would take to complete the minor and when.

3. Follow the Rules

Keep in mind WPI’s policy about minors: A minor consists of 2 units of work (equivalent to 6 courses). One of these two units can be double counted for other major (or another minor) requirements, but at least one unit must be free electives (i.e., not double counted for other requirements).

4. Visit the DS Minor Advisors’ Office Hours

Once you go over the information above, visit the DS Minor Advisor during their office hours to cover questions you have and to review the list of courses that you plan to take for the minor. After you’re cleared, you’ll need to submit a “Minor Declaration Form” available from the Registrar’s webpage, to officially declare your intent to complete the minor.

5. In your Senior Year

During the fall of your senior year prior to graduation, you need to complete and obtain signatures for the DS Minor Completion form. To do so, visit the DS Minor Advisors’ office hours again with the completed form, including your academic advisor’s signature.